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Summer Bucket List: the things that you should do once in Long Island

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Five long island events that you can’t miss

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Best Restaurants in Long Island

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Things to do in Long Island in July

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The best upcoming festivals in Long Island

Music Festival
  1. 21st Annual Summer Fair

Description: The 21st Annual Summer Fair is held on July 19, 2015. The event was presented by the Brotherhood of Temple B’nai Torah. The fair offered different products and items such as crafts, antiquities, and collectibles. Also, there will be a food concession in the event that will feature bagels, coffee for breakfast, hamburgers, hotdogs, popcorn, and drinks. Keep in mind that the admission fee was zero.

Quick details of 21st Annual Summer Fair

  1. Presented by Temple B’nai Torah
  2. Date and Time: July 19, 2015 and 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  3. Location: Temple B’nai Torah
  4. Address: 2900 Jerusalem Ave, Wantagh, NY
  5. Phone Number: 516-322-8130
  6. Haunt-Faire

Description: The Haunt-Faire is a production of Twitchtwitch, who are the creator of the Macabre Faire Film Festival. They are also the co-creators ‘Ny Horror Show.’ This event will take you to the local haunted attractions and after attending the event, you will be able to fix your Halloween character. In addition to these, you can get ‘Fill of Haunt Industry’ or simply ‘macabre’ Panels. Besides, you will have the chance to buy some goodies from the event vendors. The guests of the event are – Leonard Pickel (hauntcon) and Professor Nightmare Himself; John Denley. The entrance fee of the event on Saturday is $20 and on Sunday, it is $15. However, on the weekend, the amount rises to $25.

Quick details of Haunt-Faire

  1. Presented by Twitchtwitch Productions
  2. Date and Time: August 1 – 2, 2015 and 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  3. Location: 110-Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge, NY
  4. Phone Number: 5163953049
  5. Holy Family Festival

Description: The 8th Annual Holy Family Festival will take place at Holy Family Church. This event promises to be the best event in the area and by the name of it; you can understand that it is an event for the families. The admission or entrance fee is zero!

Quick details of Holy Family Festival

  1. Presented by Holy Family
  2. Date and Time: August 19 – 22, 2015 and 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  3. Location: Holy Family Church, 17 Fordham Ave, Hicksville, NY
  4. Phone Number: 516-938-3846


  1. Country Fest Long Island

Description: The Country Fest of 2015 will be hosted at the marvelous Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp in Riverhead, which is the oldest 4-H Camp on Long Island. It is a family-friendly event that will last for two days. Additionally, the event will feature various live country music (probably 10 + performances). Plus, the Country Fest includes – products from local vendors, monster truck Rides, pony rides, hay rides, mechanical bull rides, kids events, crafts, etc. The parking will cost you zero money and the admission fee is $14.

Quick details of Country Fest Long Island

  1. Date and Time: July 25 – 26, 2015 and 11 AM – 9 PM on Saturday and 7 PM on Sunday
  2. Location: Dorothy P. Flint 4h Camp, 3186 Sound Ave, Riverhead, NY
  3. Mineola 2015 Street Fair

Description: The Mineola 2015 Street Fair would be an exciting fair for the big and small families. They will be able to enjoy plenty of foods, games, all-day entertainment, and quality products from different vendors! The admission is free for all the visitors.

Quick details of Mineola 2015 Street Fair

  1. Presented by Mineola Chamber Of Commerce
  2. Date and Time: September 13, 2015 and 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  3. Location: 159 Jericho Turnpikes, Mineola, NY
  4. Phone Number: 516-852-6862
  5. Oktoberfest 2015

Description: In the coming month of September, the fourth Annual Oktoberfest will be held with beautiful German music, food, and soft drinks. There will be live performances from By Die Schlauberger and there would be plenty of iconic German beer and wine. The net profits will be donated to ‘the Missions of Resurrection.’ The cost of the ticket for per person is $30, but children under age 12 will get the tickets for only$10. Note that the children under three would get free admission.

Quick details of Oktoberfest 2015

  1. Presented by Resurrection Lutheran Church
  2. Date and Time: September 26, 2015 and 4:00 PM – 10:30 PM
  3. Location: Resurrection Lutheran Church, 420 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY
  4. Phone Number: 516.746.4426

10 Ways to Style Hair Quickly


Long Islanders love their hair styles. There are endless numbers of ways to style your hair quickly, whether you leave it open or tie them back, whether you have long or short hair. However, styling depends on the texture and length of your hair and there are many ways to suit your personality.

  1. Slick it back

Tie your hair backward using a rubber or a clip and leave a pony tail. If you have long hair, the ponytail may look perfectly stylish.

  1. Make a bun

Every woman wants easy little bun that looks completely pulled together and takes few minutes to style. Use bun-styling pin; push it up through the side of the bun, flip it over and then press through the other side.

  1. Blow Dry

Turn your head upside down and loosely blow-dry the hair using fingers. Clip the top layer and start blow-drying from the hair below. Divide your hair into small chunks and then use a comb or brush to hold the hair string. Blow dry them using machine one-by-one. For smoother ends, pull the brush downwards and last it for ten seconds.

  1. Keep Your Hair Open

You do not always require to have done something with your hair to look stylish. Keeping your hair open with side partition also give a stunning look. Besides, you can use tic-tack clips to hold the hair in right place from the front.

  1. Accessorize

If you really wish to have a different and new hair look, try using hair accessories. You can use a hairband or a head jewel while keeping your hair open. Or simply some funky hair clips and colorful rubbers to tie the ponytail, or small clips that hold small chunks of your hair. Accessories do make your hair look stylish and noticeable. One of my favourite women’s jewelry accessories is the classic chevron necklace, available on Framestr.

  1. Make Curls

Curling your hair also looks happening sometimes. Depending on the texture and length of your hair, curl them using tongs or curler. You can have full curls from the roots of your hair or simply at the end to just highlight the straight hair. Stacking rings are also a great way to bring out those curls.

  1. Use Eye-Shadow

Dust an eye-shadow that matches the color of your hair along your parts and shade the scalp. This will make your hair appear thicker. Not only in real, even in photos, will your hair look super thick. This hack can also be used along your hairline when you tie a ponytail.

  1. Use Home-Made Salt Spray

You can make a salt spray using seltzer water and sea salt at home and apply them whenever you style your hair for different occasions. It will help you keep your hair in the same condition for long.

  1. Pull Your Hair Sideways to Make Them Look, Fuller

Make your hair look thicker and fuller; pull them sideways or outwards, especially when you have tied your hair. Just be careful that you do not over pull or else, it might look a mess.

  • Use Locking Techniques

Make use of clips and hair tying rubbers to keep your hair tight and in the same style throughout the day. Lock your hair with those clips to maintain the same look.

The Oyster Festival in the Long Island

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About the Festival

The Oyster Festival in Long Island is the biggest waterfront festival. This year, more than 200,000 attendees will return for the 32nd edition of the festival. The festival will provide you with a blend of old and new activities, which will definitely entertain the families. What’s more, the festival is funded by the Oyster Bay Charitable Fund and it is part of the project of the Oyster Bay Rotary Club. The activities that will be at the forefront of the festival are – live entertainment from world-class artisans, midway rides, pirate shows, the iconic oyster eating and shucking competition.

Furthermore, there will be ‘Food Court’ where the voluntary chefs, as well as the culinary pros, works in tandem for cooking and serving unique oyster in large quantity In addition to this, they will cook clams, seafood concoctions, and different conventional fare as well. The most amazing thing is the around 25% profits from the ‘Food Court’, carnival rides, and merchandise sales will be donated to local charities alongside the Oyster Bay Rotary Club.

The Storied Past behind the Oyster Festival: Around 150 years ago, the 26th President of USA was born into a wealthy family, which summered in Oyster Bay (close to the waterfront). In paying homage to the President, the leaders of the community had arranged a parade to celebrate the 125th birthday. Consequently, the parade was a masterstroke and became popular among the people. In this way, the Oyster Festival in the Long Island was born in 1983.

Quick details of the Oyster Festival

  • This year’s edition of the festival is the 32nd
  • The main title sponsor is Verizon.
  • The admission of the festival is totally free.
  • The parking is free and almost all the activities are free.
  • The authority of the festival has made this spectacle an alcohol-free and pet-free event.

When the festival will be hosted?

The festival will take place on the Oyster Bay waterfront on 17th and 18th October, 2015 Rain or Shine.

Contact Information the Oyster Festival

  • Phone: 516-628-1625
  • Address: PO Box 132, Oyster Bay, New York 11771

What are the attractions of the Oyster Festival?

  • Amusement Rides(sponsored by Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda)
  • Arts & Crafts Tents(sponsored by North Shore / LIJ Hospitals)
  • Food Court & Sponsor Exhibits(sponsored by Roslyn Savings Bank)
  • Oyster Booth Food Court(sponsor TBD)
  • Marvelous Mutts
  • Exotic Animal Petting Zoo(big circus tent including Water Buffalo, Emu, Capabara, Pythons, llamas, etc)
  • Pirates (Shows at 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM)
  • Tall Ships & Fireboats

The Long Island Summer Festival

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This Long Island Summer Festival is usually a two-day long, family-friendly festival. It comes up with local vendors, plenty of delicious food choices, live audio and full of great entertainment during the entire festival. Friends and families are generally welcomed to the carnival with no entry cost. It starts on Sunday, July 11th, members from the Long Island local community are welcome to savor the fun summer atmosphere offered by this genuine Long Island Festival. It is an event quite unlike any you’ve attended before.

What is the specialty of this festival?

It is the music which is the heart and true entertainment of all Long Island festivals and that’s why the greatest carnival on this summer has filled an amazing lineup of some most talented, different bands from throughout the Island. Each Saturday, July 11th along with Sunday, July 12th – the bands will take the stage for you to rock the viewers from day till’ dusk whenever our (soon for being released) key acts will take the stage and rock the house down every night. Remember, the concerts are full free, so be sure to get there early to investigate all the remarkable bands the Long Island Summer Festival, 2015 has made available for you.

Entertainers of the Long Island Summer Festival

  • Any way you want it!
  • Songs in the Attic
  • Victoria Faiella
  • The Slim Kings
  • Paparazzi
  • The Toby Tobias Ensemble
  • Time Lapse
  • SEE
  • Joe Taylor
  • Vainglorious
  • Como Brothers
  • Kate Zimmer
  • Bent Not Broken
  • School of Rock
  • Czech Funk
  • NFU
  • Youth Be Told
  • Buttered Soul

Quick details of the long island summer festivals 2015

When and where the festival was held?

The 2015 Long Island Summer Festival will be held on Pennysaver Amphitheater at Bald Hill in the town of Brookhaven, on July 11 and 12, 2015. Overall admission will start at 11.00am both Saturday and Sunday.


The number of persons attended the festival

Thousands of individuals are anticipated to retail outlet the approximately 200 suppliers and enjoy in two days of live music entertainment.

What were not allowed on the festivals?

Any outside alcohol, coolers or foods, and beverages are not allowed to buy within the fairgrounds. Besides, any animals aside from those required with regard to health reasons are not also allowed.

Final Remarks

Journey and Billy Joel tribute bands will take the Viper Galleries stage and shut out the prime event of Long Island. On Saturday night you can join for the main Journey Tribute band “Any Way You desire It”. In addition to, you should attend the festival to view number one Billy Joel Tribute band “Songs within the Attic”. This two large concerts you would not want to miss. Besides, these extraordinary tribute bands the fiesta will feature bands all day long, opening at 11.00 am both Saturday and Sunday when the gates open up. Zofolk, Buttered Soul, and Kate Zimmer just to name a few.

The Great South Bay Music Festival


The Great South Bay Music Festival is biggest musical festival in Long Island that is known as the ‘American Themed.’ It is four-day music, art, and cultural festival that is well-suited to the family. With that said, the festival will feature more than 55 musical artists on four stages. These artists include top names from the music industry as well as the emerging talents, who are associated with contemporary and classic rock, country, folk, zydeco, etc.

This music festival is renowned for its excellence in ‘Fun and Education’ and most of the parents and obviously the children will love the ‘KIDZONE’ of the festival. Moreover, this includes – top quality ‘educational and fun’ as well as children’s entertainment options. Also, the ‘Artisan Market’ features a unique collection of handmade crafts and imported creations.

Quick details of The Great South Bay Music Festival

The time and the location of the festival

The Great South Bay Music Festival will be hosted at 99 Smith Street, Shorefront Park in Patchogue, Long Island, New York. The time of the festival is on Thursday, July 16, Friday, July 17, Saturday, July 18, & Sunday, July 19, 2015.

How can the tickets be brought?

You can buy the tickets while at the festival or you can also buy them from online.

What are not allowed in the festival grounds?

The following things are not allowed in the festival grounds –

  • Outside alcoholic beverages
  • Glass bottles
  • Professional recording equipment (audio, video & cameras, laser pointers, coolers)
  • Outside food and beverages,
  • Empty containers,
  • Bicycles, wagons, carts, pets,
  • Glassware, personal tents, umbrellas, unauthorized vending,
  • Fireworks, campfires or grills, weapons, illicit drugs,

Keep in mind that the festival authority holds the exclusive right to deny the entry or remove any person from the grounds in case of any violation of rules and regulations.

What are allowed in the festival grounds?

You should bring the following things –

  • A Lawn Chair (unless you carry V.I.P. Tickets)
  • Sunblock, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothes



Be mindful of the fact that the festival is held in the midst of the summer season. So, the weather can become real hot during the festival time. As a result, we are suggesting you to wear comfortable clothes along with comfy shoes.

How can I reach the festival grounds?

You can reach the festival grounds while driving or you can take a train to reach the festival ground.

What about the food vendors?

The Great South Bay Music Festival will feature different yet all kinds of food and beverages that range from healthy fare to American classics like – hot dogs, shrimp, burgers, barbecue, and smoothies.

Is there any arrangement for adult beverages?

Well, yes! The festival organizing committee has made arrangements of adult beverages in the form of ‘Brews Tent’ (award winning creation of Blue Point Brewery) along with the regional company’s beer.

Mill Neck Manor Fall Harvest Festival

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Likewise the previous years, the Mill Neck Manor Fall Harvest Festival will bring the beautiful autumn season to Long Island. This festival is a famous festival that is capable of drawing hundreds of returning visitors. What’s more, the festival will provide you with the opportunity to have an exciting trip to the gorgeous Mill Neck campus over Columbus Day weekend. Now, the festival will be hosted on October 10 and 11. The visitors can enjoy the festival from 9 am to 5 pm… Additionally, the festival would be a great way to celebrate the autumn season as there will be a return of ripe apples, handmade crafts, grilled bratwurst, children activities, and so on.

The festival’s location is on the grounds of famous Gold Coast estate, which is in between the Oyster Bay and Bayville. To add to the fact, the festival is also known as the Apple Fest and a wide range of cheeses will be offered in the various Cheese Houses. With that said, there will be a lot of delicious baked goods, fudge, jellies and strudels for the visitors. Besides, the ‘Country Store’ will be offering meat and bacon products as well.

Furthermore, the children’s activities area in the festival will offer an assortment of games and activities to the children as well as face painting and a pumpkin patch. In addition to this, the festival would display the newest deaf technology along with the sign language novelty items and books. Every year, the Mill Neck Manor alumni attend the festival, which is considered as a homecoming. It brings out the core of the Long Island Deaf Community together.

The visiting people would be relishing the prospect of winning a grand sum of money as each year; there is an option like – 50/50 for the visiting people! Usually, the ticket price is only $10 and the winner who will be picked on Sunday at 3 PM have the chance to win half the net profit of the money generated from the ticket sales. In past festivals, people had won worth more than 10,000!

With these, the Mill Neck Family of Organizations will arrange the fifth annual ‘Kick-Off Breakfast for Volunteers’ at the Deaf Education Center. The time of the event is from 9-11 AM on Saturday, October 3, 2015. This event is open for all the volunteers of the festivals who ages 16 and over. Moreover, the appreciation event will consist of a continental breakfast, long-time volunteer recognition, and an orientation program.

Now, all the fortunes earned from the festival benefit the Mill Neck Family of Organizations that involves the Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center, Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, and Mill Neck Services for Deaf Adults. After joining the festival, you would be enjoying the sights and sounds of the festivals. Ultimately, the festival would turn into your family tradition.

Long Island Shakespeare Festival 2015

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For the past 14 years, the Long Island Shakespeare Festival (LISF) has been arranged as part of the numerous festivals that take place in Long Island. This year, the 15th edition of the festival would kick off from July with the free performance of a shortened version of Shakespeare’s As You like It. Keep in mind that the performances will take place rain or shine at Suffolk County Community College’s Ammerman Campus in Selden and the entire free performances are prepared by the Suffolk County Community College Association as a token of gift to Long Island.

About the Festival

The Long Island Shakespeare Festival is co-founded by Charles Townsend Wittreich Jr. and the festival is sponsored by the Suffolk County Community College to offer the locals and visiting people a taste of quality theatre acts. The main focus of the plays is on the William Shakespeare’s novels and dramas. What’s more, the festival works as a transition to the theatre artists and artisans. In addition to this, the people of Long Island who has made their names in the theatre come to the festival either to perform or direct or design. Moreover, the festival utilizes the excellent facilities of the ‘Theatre Training Program at Suffolk Community College’ and all in all, the Long Island Shakespeare Festival boost the appreciation of Shakespearean theatre by offering the festival at free of cost to the visitors.

As You Like It: This year’s edition of the Long Island Shakespeare Festival will play the abridged version of ‘As You Like It.’ A brief synopsis of ‘As You Like It’ is given below:

Love nurtures on trees! When your nasty and ugly uncle deports you from the court, it would be wise to take your beloved cousin and a clown along for a ride. As soon as Rosalind and her associates look for refuge in the Forest of Arden, they face off with the least expected lot of woodland denizens that includes – Orlando, the man Rosalind loves greatly. In the shadow of a boy, Rosalind teaches her love (Orlando) how to impress her! This is one of the epic feminine creations of Shakespeare and one that is filled with different identities at play. With that said, ‘As You Like It’ will show you the eminent side of human nature as well.

Previous production of the Long Island Shakespeare Festival

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • The Taming of the Shrew
  • The Comedy of Errors
  • Macbeth
  • Twelfth Night, or What You Will
  • As You Like It
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • The Tempest
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • King Henry V
  • Macbeth

When the festival will take place?

The festival will take place from August 28, 2015, to August 29, 2015. The time of play will vary. The location of the festival is the Suffolk County Community College. The street address is 533 College Road, Selden, NY 11784.

Summer Bucket List: the things that you should do once in Long Island

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Long Island is blessed with almost everything. It has beaches, trails, concerts, amusement parks, shopping malls, festivals, carnivals and so on. When the summer comes to Long Island, the beauty of this place rises to another level. Now, if you don’t have your bucket list during the summer, you would be able to enjoy like the others who have made their summer bucket list. The reason for this is that there are scores of exciting things that you can do in Long Island. So, let’s have a quick look at the ideal summer bucket list so that you can enjoy the summer season properly!

  • First, go hiking from shore to shore along the Greenbelt trails so that you can earn some serious bragging rights.


  • Enjoy a free concert as it there will be plenty of free concerts in the summer season.


  • Attend a show at one of the famous venues in the in the tri-state area – probably at Jones Beach Theater.


  • Take a weekend trip in between Montauk and Manhattan and plan for a Long Island staycation.


  • Give a delightful picnic for your friends and family on 4th of July and repeat it for the Labor Day.


  • On the Long Island’s east end, there lie the marvelous landscapes of the vineyards and you should combine it with the wonderful local wine to spend some quality times.


  • Take the time to visit all or one beach in Long Island.


  • Climb up the Fire Island lighthouse on a sunny day and capture the best moments from the peak of the lighthouse.


  • Spend your summer time while playing mini golf.


  • Go on a camping on Long Island with your friends and enjoy the night under the stars.


  • If you don’t know how to swim, you should learn to swim and have fun at the summer season.


  • Visit the Adventure Park in Wheatley Heights and figure out an out-of-the-world outdoor challenge.


  • At the arboretum or in a garden, experience the natural beauty of Long Island.


  • Plan and go on fishing with one of the charter boat lines. It will allow you to catch your meal.


  • Make some new summer cocktails and amaze your friends while mixing your own batch of Long Island Iced tea.


  • Go to one of the best waterfront restaurants and enjoy a delectable meal along with coastline.


  • Arrange a contest of kite flying with your friends.


  • Try to rent a boat or Jet Ski to have fun at the water.


  • Discover the Port Jefferson and unearth fishing, culture, and nightlife in the place.


  • Attend a show in Northport and have a crack at the post-show meal.


  • Learn how to ride a wave like a pro along with the local surfing lessons.


  • Hone your photography skills and take some astonishing photos of the summer highlights.


  • If you can’t survive the heat of the summer, then go indoors and try some bowling.


  • Become a child with an afternoon of tie dyeing.


  • Collect the excellent barbecue recipes and make delicious barbecue with your friends.


  • Save out the money and eat healthy homemade ice-cream.


  • Finally, get accustomed with Hamptons lifestyle, rent a vacation home for a big weekend on the east end of Long Island.

Keep in mind that this bucket list is made based on the current trend of activities that are happening in Long Island. However, you can make your unique bucket list to enjoy the summer time in Long Island!

Top free events and festivals at the Long Island

  1. Rosalie Dimon Gallery at the Jamesport Manor Inn

Description: Enroll in the Jamesport Manor Inn’s Rosalie Dimon Gallery to watch photography by Katherine Liepe-Levinson associated with Riverhead, NY and stained glass works by Maria Daddino associated with East Quogue, NYC.

Location of the Event: The event will be held at 370 Manor Lane, Jamesport – 11901.

Phone Number: 631-722-0500

Date of the Event: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Time of the Event: Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through July 29.

Cost of the Event: Free

Special Features and Meals: The Jamesport Manor Inn comes with a Sunset & Spirits Prix Fixe dinner right after the reception with regard to $29 for each one. Besides, artisanal cheeses, as well as local wines, are also served.

All Upcoming Dates: Jul 19, Jul 22, Jul 23, Jul 24, Jul 25, Jul 26, Jul 29.

  1. Sunday Summer Fun Days at Hotel Indigo East End

Location of the Event: Hotel Indigo East End, 1830 West Main Street, Route 25, Riverhead, NY – 11901.

Time of the Event: 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Date of the event:

  • Sun, Jul 19, 2015
  • Sun, Jul 26, 2015
  • Sun, Aug 02, 2015
  • Sun, Aug 09, 2015
  • Sun, Aug 16, 2015
  • 3 more dates through Sep 06

Cost of the Event: Free

  1. Baconfest at the Plattduetsche Restaurant

Description: Bacon & beer, that is exactly what you will find at the first-ever Plattduetsche Baconfest going on Friday, July 17 from 3:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, July 18 and 19 beginning at 12 noon.

Special Features: Unique bacon food list and bacon beer by Long Ireland Beer Co will be available for purchase, bacon merchandise, live music for enjoyment and much more.

Location of the Event: Plattduetsche Biergarten-1132, Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square – 11010.

Phone Number: 516-354-3131

Date & Time of the Event: Sun, Jul 19, 2015

Cost of the Event: Free

  1. 119th Annual LVIS Fair

Description: An excellent fair for the complete family with the high-quality clothing inside the Hamptons, regional gourmet foodstuff, silent retail, rock climbing, lovely plants, face portray, kids games and more.

Location of the Event: LVIS, 96 Main Street, East Hampton – 11937 (map).

Phone Number: 5163817424

Date of the Event: Sat, Jul 25, 2015

Time of the Event: 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Cost of the Event: Free

  1. 58th Annual Babylon Tuna Club Invitational Tournament

Description: This is the oldest fishing tournament on Long Island that featuring both day & overnight categories from August: 6th-9that Babylon Village Docks, 494 Fire Island Avenue, Babylon Village. The event will begin Thursday evening, vendors and family members will be activity including live music nightly, meal vendors, and entertainment including many activities, contests, crafts as well as rides are also included. Besides, you can also watch the boats bring in their “catch”. Day, inshore & overnight boats are generally encouraged in order to participate.

Location of the Event: 58th Annual Babylon Tuna Club Invitational Tournament, 494 Fire Island AVE, Babylon – 11702.

Phone Number: 516-819-9596

Date of the Event: Aug 06, 2015 through Aug 09, 2015 (daily)

Time of the Event: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Cost of the Event: Free

Transportation Cost: Transportation cost along with the charge of parking field is free.

Special Features: You can come for a fun day of festivities right in the middle of Babylon in addition to, try out your luck at the hot wing consuming contest on Sunday, August 9th as well as the ice cream eating contest on Sunday, August 9th and can win prizes.

In this year, as the Babylon Tuna Club does raise funds every year in the spirit of giving back, funds will possibly be raised for Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, a non-profitable organization, no- kill animal shelter dedicated to setting pets into supportive homes since 1927.

Food festivals in Long Island: The must-attend food festivals


The month of June marks the end of several unique festivals, but I would suggest you not to get disappointed. The month July brings a host of local food festivals in Long Island that will ensure that you are on a roll. So, here are some of the best food festivals in Long Island that will take place between July to October.

  • Sweet Corn Festival: Long Island has a storied past for its fabulous corn festival and this year, the 25th annual Sweet Corn Festival was hosted at the Harbes Family Farm and Vineyard in Mattituck from July 13-14. It was an exciting and jam-packed festival that has been running for the past 13 generations by the Harbes family. The festival included the corn fest classics like – a wide range of corn-based foods, crafts and games for kids, corn-eating competitions. The festival also offered wine tasting along with live music. All in all, it was a great festival for the families and attendees from across the world.
  • Watermelon Festival: The Watermelon Festival in Long Island is again be hosted by the Harbes Family Farm in Mattituck as well as the Harbes Western Farm in Jamesport. The festivals will take place in the weekend of August 10-11. Both of the festivals will arrange programs like watermelon eating competitions, seed-spitting contests along with other family games. The attendees will definitely enjoy drinking the watermelon juice in the hot summer sun and there are great places for picnics as well. Not to mention that there will be live music performances from the local bands.
  • Greenlawn/Centerport Pickle Festival: The 34th Greenlawn-Centerport Pickle Festival will be held in the month of September. The festival will be arranged by the Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association and this festival was started to honor the Alexander Gardiner, a ‘pickle pioneer’. He had produced sufficient amount of pickles on his farm in Greenland for supplying them to cover the entire New York City. Now, it’s almost two centuries have passed and all the pickle lovers across the world come in numbers in the festival. You will get to see that a wide range of pickles is sold. However, all kinds of pickle paraphernalia – from t-shirts to pickle ornaments are also being sold at the festival.
  • Long Island Wine Harvest Festival: The Long Island Wine Harvest Festival is regarded as the ‘jewel of Long Island.’ The festival will be arranged by the Laurel Lake Vineyards on September 22, 2015. Generally, the North Fork vineyard was created by a group of Chilean and American friends. They provide tours of the facility as well as they offer demonstrations of the winemaking process. You can enjoy a clip of vines or you can make your own bottle of wine as well. Afterwards, you can amaze yourself while having the tasty wine-and-cheese with beautiful sights from the balcony.
  • Long Island Apple Festival: The Long Island Apple Festival will be held in the fall season and it will be hosted by the Sherwood Jayne Farm in East Setauket. The festival will offer you full of apple picking, pies, cakes, and cider. Along with them, there are old-fashioned games and crafts for the attendees. You can also take your entire family for the apple pie baking competition and the apple relay race.
  • Oyster Festival: For the past 29 years, the Oyster festival is being hosted in Long Island and this October, the 30th anniversary of the Oyster Bay Oyster will be held in Long Island. The festival will start with the yearly parade to honor Teddy Roosevelt. Over the years, this festival has developed into the biggest outdoor festival in Long Island. Every year the Oyster streets are jam-packed with live entertainment along with artisan booths and the colossal ships docked in the bay. Last but the not the least, the renowned oysters will be cooked and offered to the attendees of the festival as well.

To conclude, I would say that Long Island hosts countless festivals in each year and among them, these food festivals are very much loved by attendees. This is why you will notice that the number of return attendees is high. So, don’t miss the food festivals or you will miss a large chunk of the entertainment in Long Island!